LXXIII. Printer functions

These functions are only available under Windows 9.x, ME, NT4 and 2000. They have been added in PHP 4 (4.0.4).

Table des matières
printer_open -- Open connection to a printer
printer_abort -- Deletes the printer's spool file
printer_close -- Close an open printer connection
printer_write -- Write data to the printer
printer_list -- Return an array of printers attached to the server
printer_set_option -- Configure the printer connection
printer_get_option -- Retrieve printer configuration data
printer_create_dc -- Create a new device context
printer_delete_dc -- Delete a device context
printer_start_doc -- Start a new document
printer_end_doc -- Close document
printer_start_page -- Start a new page
printer_end_page -- Close active page
printer_create_pen -- Create a new pen
printer_delete_pen -- Delete a pen
printer_select_pen -- Select a pen
printer_create_brush -- Create a new brush
printer_delete_brush -- Delete a brush
printer_select_brush -- Select a brush
printer_create_font -- Create a new font
printer_delete_font -- Delete a font
printer_select_font -- Select a font
printer_logical_fontheight -- Get logical font height
printer_draw_roundrect -- Draw a rectangle with rounded corners
printer_draw_rectangle -- Draw a rectangle
printer_draw_elipse -- Draw an ellipse
printer_draw_text -- Draw text
printer_draw_line -- Draw a line
printer_draw_chord -- Draw a chord
printer_draw_pie -- Draw a pie
printer_draw_bmp -- Draw a bmp